Welcome to Vonconcepts

Vonconcepts - a more focused goal oriented version with an eye on Content Development and select "projects". 

Responsive You Say?

We specialize in identifying a need and then filling it. Whether it be business in concept, operations, marketing or PR... we are it.

Worldly Outlook

With decades of real world work experience, our founder has broadened the scope through international travel and cultural diverseness.

Every Decision

Like a pebble in a still body of water... each decision, action, or failure to take action creates a ripple. Let's make waves. 

Who We Are

Helpless entreprenuers...

Hired away from his own growing business in Public Relations and Web Development, our founder has decided to once again play in the entrepreneur's world publishing additional works, taking on select projects. 

What We Do

The "shortlist"

  • Book Publishing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Public Relations
  • Business Consulting
  • Public Speaking

What People Have Said

Web Work and Presentations

  • "Neque nisidapibus mattis"

    Jane Doe, CEO of UntitledCorp
  • "Lorem ipsum consequat!"

    John Doe, President of FakeBiz
  • "Magna veroeros amet tempus"

    Mary Smith, CFO of UntitledBiz

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photo125x125.pngWhether teaching professionalism to a group of Executives and Managers, or mechanical timing to a group of Ducati Certification candidates.... employment of facilitation "Best Practices"keeps things organized and productive.   More

Classroom Atmosphere

photo125x125.pngHaving a place to learn in safety is key. Intimidation and the idea that the facilitator is putting on a show is not our style. We prefer a learner-centered environment that blends multiple learning styles. We also advocate and can produce web-based training for your company's needs. We completely restructured Ducati NA training with over 1000 students, what can we do for you?   More

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